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Adele Duncan

Area Manager, Western Region

You can find me out on the rainy west coast. If it’s sunny? I’ll be on a Vancouver patio with family and friends enjoying some of my favourite things.

Favourite things? Wine & Food! I also adore animals, fitness & fashion mags … I’ll bet I can name every supermodel since the 70’s! Absolutely LOVE my YE 4 Plus Dynamic Duo and Avance Elixir, with a sprinkle in of Forlle’d’s Refining Lotion!

I’m most proud of my strong and LONG relationships with my husband (XXX years…), family and friends. Most of my friends have been with me since early childhood.

I am super fond of sharing that I’ve jumped from an airplane, bungee jumped & swam with stingrays!


Christina Ryan

Area Manager, Central Region

Small town girl, lover of clothing, shoes, and my English bulldog, Piper, studier of sciences, seller of skincare. Firm believer in the smile.

Kanesha Graham

Bilingual Business Success Coach/Coach en succès des affaires

Blessed and grateful for my family. Curly hair enthusiast, lover of moscato, R&B music, fashion, traveling and horror movies. I am bilingual in English and French but I have always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish and Japanese (probably due to my young obsession with anime). Passionate about skin health and self improvement.




David J. Potter


Oh boy! I was baptized in Canada but South Africa is my ancestral hunting ground. My favourite artist of all time is Bruce Springsteen and my go-to breakfast-in-a-hurry is a Dad’s Special Sandwich that involves bread, sharp cheddar cheese and a good strawberry jam. I’m an Impact player and addicted to Youth EssentiA Cquence 4+.

Deborah Goetz

Manager, Service Delivery & Administration

I love it when bank accounts balance, when I get to the end of my To Do List and when everyone hands in their expense report on time. I ensure the office is well stocked and that everyone has the supplies they need to do their jobs well. I don’t mind picking up the phone and asking for payments and if you’ve interacted with me you know I like to be direct and to the point. I may sometimes be perceived as abrupt; rest assured my M.O. is about efficiency not fluff! Outside of work I love my family and my house which I have been renovating.

Michelle Cooper

Director, Clinic Partners

I love historical documentaries, politics, Game of Thrones, ice cream and cupcakes. Trying to play golf and aspiring to work out more often are my hobbies. I have a large collection of Barbie dolls. When I am not thinking about skincare I devote my time to my family.

My daily skincare regime: I am all about anti-ageing and love under eye cream. I currently use Youth EssentiA 4 and Defence cream after I cleanse and tone. I use my cosmetic roller a couple of times a week. I use the Forlléd platinum eye cream and occasionally the Forlléd Reliance gel for a boost.

Past Experiences: Holt Renfrew, Financial Services, Barbie dolls.

Mike Brophy

Director, Service Delivery

I love podcasts, music, movies, stand-up comedy and sports. I also really enjoy the current era of peak prestige TV – most notably Game of Thrones, where my character’s official extended title would be:

“Not the First of My Name, Lightly Roasted (not Unburnt), Master of Method, Driver on the 401, Maker of Spreadsheets, and Fun-Uncle to two adorable nieces”.


Kendra Girouard

Head, Marketing & Development

Hello hello hello. Kendra here! Just your average east coast gal. Recently moved to TO to join the SkinHealth team, and to say I'm excited is an understatement. Favourites in life include my super adorable mini golden doodle (her Instagram has almost 10k followers...) my family & friends and a good glass of red wine. Also a beauty product addict and love to get my butt kicked in a good workout class. I am passionate about marketing and picking brains of those I look up to. Shoot me a message- let's connect.


Stephanie Potter

Head, People & Culture

I LOVE my FAMILY, Mindful Moments, Morning Yoga with Adriene, Family Dinners by Candlelight, Bike Rides, Nature Walks – Actually Anything in Nature, Everyday Beauty, Everyday Acts of Kindness, Strong Coffee (just a cup), Fine Wine (preferably Red) Genuine People and Authentic, Enduring Friendships.

PAST EXPERIENCE: Human Resources | Leadership Coach | Stay-at-Home Mom

EDUCATION: Psychology | University of Western | Ontario


Melissa Munro

RN, SkinCoach

Skin Coach at SkinHealth Clinic. Botox and Filler under CAAM President Dr. Renier van Aardt. IV Vitamin Drip RN at Reviv


Christopher Chapheau

Director, Retail Clinic Operations

Responsible for developing and executing on the strategy and operating plan for SkinHealth Canada's retail business across Canada by defining and delivering on the strategic and financial objectives of our team. Responsibilities also include the implementation and direct management of all retail locations in Canada as well as developing and managing partner and supplier relationships critical to the success of REVIV Canada and SkinHealth Clinic.



Erika Bunag

Specialist, Marketing

I’m Erika – with a K. An INFJ, Scorpio, born in the Year of the Dog - if that means anything to anyone. Lived in 4 different countries, 8 houses, and have gone to 10 different schools so you can say I adapt well to change. Probably one of the shortest people you know. I’m passionate about musical theatre, Disney movies, the TV show Friends, Harry Potter, Beyoncé, Chance The Rapper, saltwater beaches, books, and my puppy.






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